Update Your Marketing Materials In Time For Christmas

Christmas is the time when most B2C businesses make the most money. It is an opportunity that can make or break a business and provides a welcome cash injection. However, if you don’t make the most of the Christmas rush you could end up spending the rest of the year playing catch up. Ensuring potential

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What Your Printing Quality Says About Your Business

At Computer Forms in South Wales we produce a wide range of printed material for an even wider range of businesses. Having been in the printing business for over 30 years we have a lot of experience in designing everything from brochures to gift vouchers. No matter what we are printing our clients always want the

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How to source images for your printed material

The saying goes that a picture speaks a thousand words and this is especially true with printed material. Having a strong image can really decide the ROI for printed materials. You need an image that not only stands out but also keeps within the nature of the brand and communicates the correct message. Sourcing and

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How to brief a graphic designer for your printed materials

Many businesses do not either have the skills or time to design all their printed materials in-house. This means that they will be outsourcing design work to a graphic designer. Giving your graphic designer a good brief and understanding the terms of service are crucial to a timely, high quality and good value delivery of

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Colours And Print Materials

As well as the images and text on your printed materials, the colours you use have a massive impact on how your marketing materials are portrayed. Colours send subliminal messages to anyone viewing your posters or flyers and consumers make snap judgements about your business depending on the colours you use. That is why it

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How to choose your printing company

If you run a business, no matter how big or small you will always need printed materials. These materials may only consist of business cards and flyers, or you may need a whole host of printed goods from accounting stationery to gift vouchers and direct mail. Working with a printing company that knows your business

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Automotive Print Experts

At Computerforms in South Wales we specialise in printing for automotive companies. We have worked with a wide range of automotive companies producing all the printed products that they need to run their businesses smoothly. If you run an automotive business then you will need a lot of different print material. Sourcing everything you need

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How to strengthen your brand

Having a strong brand helps your company to be memorable and noticeable. It also helps you and your colleagues to remember what it is you stand for and how to conduct your business in line with the company principles. Your brand should be reflected in absolutely all your communications, both online and offline. From emails

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How to increase customer loyalty with vouchers

One of the first principles of marketing is that it is cheaper to maintain loyal customers than it is to find new ones. If a customer has had a good experience with you once then that customer could keep coming back for many years, guaranteeing you income. This is much easier than continually winning over

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