Business Print

Digital Print

Imagine how effective your printed communications would be if you could personalise each message, customise your copy, change visuals and address each  individual on a 1–to–1 basis. Imagine a means of communication that could print on-demand, anywhere, anytime, without cumbersome film, plates, proofs and make-ready. Stop imagining. The age of digital printing is here. 

Digital printing isn’t just a way to Print; it’s a revolution in communications effectiveness. For the first time printed materials can be segmented by market, customer profile demographics or any other parameters. Specifications can be up to date. Instructions can be current. Feature points can be based on today’s market feedback. The result is that you market with greater response rates than ever before. Sales increase. Order values go up

Continuous Stationery

We offer a full range of printed forms both single and multi-part, customised to your needs.  
We have been supplying continuous forms for over twenty years in a huge range of form depths. We supply it in up to 6 spot colours in one pass or four colour process with UV drying.
Multipart NCR sets can be supplied with as many as 8 parts. State of the art collating and finishing equipment provides a wide range of options, including perforating, gluing, numbering and multiflexing. An efficient high frequency drying system enables us to offer top quality glued jobs which competitors seem to find difficult. 

Tamarack and Dimuken web finishing allows you to integrate laminated cards and self-adhesive labels and other user friendly features within your forms.

Books & Pads

We are the specialists in the production of NCR cut sets, books and pads. We do short or large print runs very efficiently by using high speed reel to sheet presses. Buying paper in reels gives us an advantage in business forms production, especially for A4 requirements, as our press and reel configurations allow us to optimise production in this format. Think of Computerforms as a one stop shop for all your A4 NCR and sheet requirements.

Concise Product Range  

Cut sets:
Multipart NCR cut sets from 2-13 parts
A4, A5, 8 1/4 and most popular sizes.
Tip glued or stub glued.

Board backed pads of cut sets or single sheets.
With drawn on covers or wraparound writing sheets.

Wire stitched books of sets, board backed covers, taped spine, drawn on or wraparound writing shields.

Rapid Response:
In order for you to receive a fast efficient and complete service on all your orders we use a bespoke computerised management information system. This controls all areas of administration, estimating, production and accounts. The system gives us immediate access to all orders, quotations and account information so we can respond to your calls quickly and efficiently. It is all part of making our overall package to you as fast and as reliable as possible.

Because of the concise range of products we offer, many clients ask us to work closely with them, developing a closer, more personal long term relationship which gives us better understanding of their business needs and a greater ability to meet their individual requirements. If you want to take advantage of these same benefits, then talk to us.

Laser Stationery

Top Quality A4 Laser Forms  

Major investment means we can offer the following:-

• Up to 8 colours per print with in line finishing
• Short or Long run due to range of facilities
• Fast efficient turnaround times

Business Cards

We supply quality business cards produced by traditional printing methods, including raised print cards. In the last two years, however, we have seen a move from 100% produced in this method to over 80% produced using digital technology. This allows full 4 colour print, with order quantities as low as 125 and delivery within a few working days at incredibly low prices.


We can supply envelopes in any size, material or weight, plain or printed in anything from a single colour to 4 colour process.

– Any size, any paper.
– Printed or plain.
– Any window position.
– Single colour to 4 colour process.
– Envelope make-up from printed sheets.
– Specialists in envelopes for direct mail.
– Cartridge or coated mailing wallets.

Quantity – Considerations:
Large quantities i.e.. those over 100,000 are usually printed flexo or on sheet /web and then converted into envelopes afterwards.

Smaller quantities i.e.. under 100,000 are more economically Litho overprinted on stock envelopes.
Beware of tight time schedules if envelopes are to be manufactured. Overprinting can be much quicker.

Self seal envelopes have a limited guaranteed shelf life which can be as little as 6 months. Beware of over ordering.

Automated enclosing machinery requires gummed envelopes with a Trapezium flap.


How many colours each side?
Colour i.e. Pantone reference or Process colour?
Their relative position (as above)
If more than one colour are they in close or loose together?

Automotive Print

At Computer Forms we have worked with various Automotive businesses and over the years developed a full understanding of the requirements and can supply a full range of Automotive Forms for all departments of your business.

These items include:


  • Sales: Sales Invoices, Purchase Orders, order forms, vehicle inspections, rental agreements, mirror hangers, price and more.
  • Service & M.O.T: Job cards, reminder cards, service schedules, service invoices, appointment cards, labels, daily record and control cards, reminder cards and more.
  • Stationery: Letterheads, Compliment Slips, Business cards, Envelopes, Stamps, Statements and more.
  • Promotional Material: Key fobs, keyrings, windows stickers, signage for promotions and offers and much more.
  • Body Shop: Bodywork invoice, collection note, damage checklist, repair orders, repair estimates and more.
  • Promotional Roller Banners: Available in a full range of sizes, these banners are professional, easy to use and highly cost effective.