Business Start Up Offer

Thinking of starting a new business venture this spring? Why not take advantage of our business start-up offer with 250, 500 or 1000 of each? We’ll even throw in the design for free! If you’re starting a new business in 2019, get off to the best start with our high quality business stationery at our

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Labels Everywhere!

At Computer Forms we’re lucky enough to have been working with some amazing Breweries and Micro Breweries who have been experiencing exciting times. We’ve been lucky enough to be involved from some of the Ales conception meaning we have done our best to advise on suitable label materials, the method of production and making sure

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Cheque clearing for the 21st Century

It was recently announced that the introduction of the new Image Clearing System, which will revolutionise how cheques are processed in the UK is almost ready to go live. Cheques have been in use for over 350 years, but they are still a crucial method of payment with around 1.3 million written every day.  Cheques

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Gift Vouchers… The preferred Wedding Gift!

First Direct have recently completed a survey which confirmed the most desirable wedding gifts are gift vouchers and money. They surveyed a total of 1,924 couples and found that 35% would prefer gift vouchers or cash, with 22% preferring items listed on their wedding list. Only 19% of couples wanted their guests to choose something without any

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The difference between CMYK and RGB

Nowadays, even in apps on handheld devices that the general public are using you get the choice of CMYK and RGB, and where the majority of people using these apps will just ignore them, it is really important to know the difference if you are doing any kind of website design or graphics for printing

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