Creating the Perfect Logo

Whether you are setting up your business or are having an image re-vamp of your current business, creating the perfect logo will be high on your priority list. It’s a fact that people really notice good branding. Creating the perfect logo is probably one of the most important tasks you will have when creating a new brand or product or if you are extending your current services. It is essential that you use a quality printing company to ensure that everyone gets to know your brand in your field.

So, how do you go about creating the perfect logo? Here are some tips to start with:

Don’t get carried too away with the details just yet…..

Concentrate on deciding whether your logo will be mainly formed of the name of the product/business itself, or a shape or image that will represent it. Sometimes simplicity is the best option. Sole letters on a clean unfussy background can be a most eye-catching logo.

Decide on the overall feel of what you are trying to portray to your ideal customer. It isn’t actually about what you like, but what will attract your perfect clients to you, after all.

Is it to be feminine, masculine, hard lined, soft lined, is it to SHOUT OUT LOUD or have a more gentle approach?

Do you want the logo to be ‘contained’ within a shape, or will it be freely spaced?

Does it have to translate well onto printed materials, in which case it is good to think about what colours/textures will work well together, or will it only ever be a graphic used online, in which case it can blend into a more complex background image. Having too much detail can sometimes distract from the main message that you are trying to get across in your logo design.

What about the type of business you are representing, for example, do you need your logo to look industrial, clinical, caring, holistic? By determining these you can pin down what you want from your logo design before you get bogged down in the minute details.

Colour is an amazing way of clarifying what you want your logo to put out into the world. The same logo can have a completely different feel when presented with different colour palettes, so make sure that you have assessed what your market would most like. Did you know that there are whole books written on the effect that colour can have on our brain? So, if you pick the correct colour for your marketplace, your sales could rocket with no extra effort on your part.

If all of this sounds very complicated and technical, don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be if you choose the right printing company to help you design the perfect logo and ensure you have it printed on all the stationery that your business will need.