Peace of Mind: Whether for general office labels, medical use labels or food and beverage labels, our manufacturing facilities are accredited to the highest possible food hygiene rating. This allows us to supply labels that are used for direct food application and ensure that your labels meet the highest hygiene standards and conform to current UK regulations.

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Labels Design

A range of options to get you on your way and point you in the direction of the type of label you want to promote your business.

1. We have a wide range of cutter guides allow us to produce striking label shapes that capture attention.

2. Tactile labels that use textured materials to draw the eye and get your product in the consumers hands at point of sale.

3. Decorative labels incorporating metallic materials. This creates great impact to draw the eye and give a feeling of quality.

4. Transparent labels incorporating minimalist designs to show off the contents of the bottle. Very effective when utilised correctly.

What type of label suits you?

Beer Bottle Labels

At Computerforms we have worked closely with a number of Breweries to help Design and Produce their Beer Bottle Labels for maximum impact. Due to these relationships, we have a good idea of the challenges faced from how the labels are being applied to how they are being stored and of course, standing out at point of sale.

We can liaise with your Brewery and it’s bottling plants to ensure that all beer bottle labels are delivered in the correct format and can be run without any issues. We recognise the pressures to meet your production time frames and appreciate that your labels need to arrive on spec and on time!

Labels can be supplied however they are required, the most common requirement being reels. These are wound according to your bottling machine requirements for easy, hassle free application

Cider Bottle Labels

As much as we love beer, with an office in Bath, the heart of Cider Country, we also have a fondness for Cider. We appreciate the traditions involved and how proud you are of your Cider. At Computerforms we want to produce labels that we can be just as proud of and showcase your product.

Like the Beer Brewers we deal with, we understand the challenges and time frames you come up against, we are here to take this burden from you and to provide peace of mind that your labels arrive on time, every time.

For new micro-breweries, we can advise on materials, design and supply labels exactly how you require them to make your job easier. If you are an established brewery we would love to demonstrate that we are effective, competitive and also understand the pressures you are under. Give us a call to discuss your requirements, we’d love to hear from you

Wine Labels

A well-designed wine label is essential to making your brand stand out and shout from the shelf to your relevant audience. Wine consumption shows little sign of slowing down so there is huge competition for shelf space, making it even more important to make impact at point of sale.

Computerforms produce high quality wine bottle labels in small, medium or long runs. We can produce on a range of textured papers using either traditional methods or digitally. Combined with the ability to lay down gold, silver and coloured foils we can offer premium self-adhesive wine labels that deliver on quality and meet your time constraints.

Cosmetics & General Product Labels

As well as working with some rapidly expanding Breweries we have also been working with many smaller regional producers of various products, for whom the quality of our jar labels is vital to their ability to gain brand recognition and provide consumer confidence in the quality of product.

Our specialist peel and reveal labels are proving popular for cosmetic producers. These multi-layer labels allow you to showcase your brand on the outer label and carry regulatory or ingredient information on the inner 2 or 3 pages of the label. Due to our short run digital labels printing, it allows us to create and produce lots of variable designs in relatively small quantities, this allows you to order short runs economically rather than committing to large orders which in turn take up space as they are stored for use.

Whatever you manufacture, we can create something to push your Company branding forward and make an impact on a suitable material that showcases the product you lovingly created

Food Labels

All our labels are produced in facilities that conform to the highest possible food hygiene standards. This combined with your knowledge of the use and our knowledge of materials and manufacturing guarantees a quality product that is fit for purpose.

A variety of cutter shapes and materials available will help make sure your product stands out and promotes the quality of your produce whilst remaining cost effective.

Additional Options

Additional finishing allows us to add unique barcodes, QR codes, and holographic foils to provide an additional level of security and convenience for customers to add to their stock. If you have any specific requirements give us a call, we love a challenge.