What not to forget on your marketing materials

You don’t have to work in printing very long before you hear a printing horror story – the 48ft billboard with the glaring typo, the 5,000 run of business cards with the wrong name, or the special offer voucher that omits the fact that you have to buy something first in order to get the free gift, entitling thousands of happy punters to something that is just free.

As a family-run local printers, we always inspect all our files before we hit the print button and will phone our clients straightaway if something looks amiss. Our experienced designers work with clients to ensure they include all the relevant information and the design is on-brand. There are a few details that are very easy for the client to miss and here are a few things that can be forgotten.

Who you are

You know who you are and your customers know who you are. But does the person picking up your flyer know who you are, or the person who has been given 20 business cards that night know who you are?

A pictorial logo will often not be enough to identify you, unless you are incredibly well-known. Say clearly who you are and what you do.

How you can be contacted

Whatever you do, you must not miss out your contact details. Include your website, email, phone number and address, if it is relevant. If someone is interested in what you are offering, make it as easy as possible for them to get in touch.

What to do next

A call to action is vital on any printed material that requires someone to do something to become a customer. If someone has your flyer or brochure in hand they need to be very clearly directed to the next course of action, whether it is to get in touch, return a form or turn up at a certain place at a certain time.


Even small businesses should track their marketing efforts. If you want to know how successful your printed marketing campaign has been, then you should include some way of tracking it. You could include a discount code, a different special offer, or separate contact details. The results won’t tell you every single conversion, but it will give you a very good impression of the overall success of the campaign.