Pressure Seal

Pressure Seal Systems

Whether you’re processing payslips, pension forms, direct mail, remittance advice slips or any other confidential form or mailing document our pressure seal systems will save you time and money.

Print your documents on pressure seal paper, put them in and switch on. Moments later your documents will have been folded and sealed, ready for posting. Fitting easily into any office environment our pressure seal systems will work with your existing impact or laser printer. They are also extremely easy to use. With the pressure seal process there’s no liquid glue, water or heat therefore no mess, or risk of burns.

Paper flow is electronically monitored and the system will automatically shut down in the event of any interruption; you can immediately begin operations without disrupting document sequence or count. In addition, an outfeed counter is a standard feature on most machines, to allow easy calculation of processed documents.

Which Machine is suitable for me ?

Simply let us know what you intend to use the forms for and estimate your weekly or monthly usage. We will send you the full details and in most cases a short video of suitable machines in operation together with the cost.
If the cost is within your budget and you are interested we can arrange a demonstration at your premises.

How much will the stationery cost ?

Just tell us how many ink colours you would like on the face and reverse and your estimated weekly or monthly usage. You will receive a written quotation, in most cases within the hour, with no hidden costs.

Why not compare what you are currently being quoted for your forms ?

Ideally scan both sides of the existing form and email it to us together with the quantity you are interested in. You will receive an accurate, no obligation quotation without hidden charges such as design or delivery (just V.A.T.).

Computerforms has been supplying printed pressure seal forms for over 25 years. We use the most cost effective machines to provide you with trouble free forms and great value.

Pressure Seal Stationery

At Computerforms we design and manufacture high quality pressure seal forms. Whether you’re processing payslips, pension forms, direct mail, remittance advice slips or any other confidential form or mailing document our pressure seal systems will save you time and money.


With our in-house art department we have the capability of being able to produce a form to fit around your requirements.


See examples of the types of folds that can be created by our pressure sealers.


Common Applications for Pressure Seal are:

  • Business Applications

    • Payroll
    • P60’s
    • Reminders
    • General Letters
    • Invoices
    • Statements
    • Cheques • Purchase Orders
    • Intergrated Bus Passes
    • Pin Mailers
    • Intergrated ID Cards
    • Intergrated Smart Cards
    • And many other uses….

  • Council Applications

    • Council Tax Reminders
    • Housing Benefit Cheques
    • Housing Repair Surveys
    • Creditors Cheques
    • Purchase Orders
    • Rent Increase Letters • Council Voting
    • General Letters
    • ID cards
    • Intergrated Smart Cards
    • And many other uses….

  • Direct Mail Applications

    • Full Colour Advertising
    • Bulk Mail Shots
    • Return Survey Apps
    • Scratch Cards
    • Consumer Surveys • Ticketing
    • Card Carrying Apps
    • Smart Card Apps
    • General Letters
    • And many other uses….

Whatever your usage requirements we have a machine & stationery to suit your needs, see below for technical sheets on our most popular machines or click here to enquire

Postmate V


The most advanced desktop pressure sealer and paper folder on the market.The Postmate V is the most advanced and user friendly desktop pressure sealer available. This cost effective machine is ideal for small volume processing of Z, C, and V fold Pressure seal stationery. It can also be used as an office paper folder for letters, statements and invoices.

Postmate III


The World’s most popular medium to high volume pressure sealer and office paper folder. Also available with automatic fold plate setting. The most advanced medium to high volume pressure sealer and office paper folder on the market. Fitted with the latest feeding technology FRR (Friction Reverse Roller) and with the largest in-feed capacity for a machine of this size makes it an ideal candidate for any environment.

Mailfinisher 4000


On-line Desktop Print to Mail Pressure Seal System.This simple to use yet highly intelligent system is the most cost effective on-line Pressure seal system on the market. The mailfinisher detects a form leaving the laser printer and automatically folds and seals it without manual intervention.



The most economically priced and user friendly Desktop Pressure Sealer on today’s market. This compact and quiet system is ideal for the small volume user and is capable of processing Z, C & V fold Pressure Seal Stationery. It can also be used as a Standard Paper Folder, for daily invoices, letters, memos and many more single piece documents.