What Your Printing Quality Says About Your Business

At Computer Forms in South Wales we produce a wide range of printed material for an even wider range of businesses.

Having been in the printing business for over 30 years we have a lot of experience in designing everything from brochures to gift vouchers. No matter what we are printing our clients always want the highest quality in order to present their business in the best possible manner.

Printed materials are not only an opportunity to convey a message about a particular offer or product to your customers, but also to convey a more intangible message about your brand and your positioning. Everything from the quality of the artwork to the thickness of the paper will send a message to the reader about your business.

If your printed material is of a high quality, then your business will look professional and credible. Likewise, if your printed materials are of low quality then you run the risk of not being taken seriously.


At Computer Forms we can create your artwork for you, meaning your final products will look slick and professional and be professionally designed. A lot can go wrong with artwork, even if you think you have a good design you need to ensure you have the correct bleeds, the correct colour formats, the correct resolution and the correct PDF conversion. An expert can do all of this for you and ensure your finished product looks even better than expected, rather than having dull colours or fuzzy images.

As well as the technical aspects if you have no graphic design training, producing yourself is also not advisable. Understanding how fonts and colours work together as well as spacing and image placement are all a lot harder than they initially seem.

If your artwork is not professionally produced then it will really show. People quickly pick up on poor resolution, or things not being lined up correctly and any errors will deflect from the message you are trying to communicate. Your brand will also become associated with poor quality, which will make it difficult for you to drive higher prices for your products or services.

Good quality artwork not only looks great but also tells the reader about your brand positioning and professionalism.

Paper quality

There is a huge range of paper available for print. The paper you choose will not only alter the look of the artwork, but also have an effect on the perceived quality of the product.

Business cards are a typical example of this, with many people really noticing a difference in the response to their business cards depending on the quality and thickness of the paper. With a higher quality business cards being taken more seriously and creating a better impression than lower quality business cards.

Of course, it is not suitable for every business to have the very best printed material on the thickest paper, as non-luxury brands will be perceived as ostentatious if everything is printed on very thick paper. However, all businesses should adhere to a certain quality in order to be taken seriously.

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