Start thinking about your summer marketing plans

We’re moving into the second quarter of this year, and the start of a new tax year and with the clocks changing people start to think about the summer months and the longer lighter evenings, fun and freedom and making holiday plans, but you and your business should be thinking about your summer marketing plans.

When it comes to revamping your old marketing materials or creating afresh, remember that it can take some time to create your perfect images.  If you leave things to the last minute and hurry or rush to meet a deadline you are more inclined to make silly mistakes or not quite hit your brief spot on, which ultimately results in less sales.

Nowadays, the influence of the internet means that every day is a day to market your business to the hilt as there aren’t the same lulls in purchasing as there used to be in the summer season.  All the more reason to get your marketing on track ready for the summer holidays when your competitors may be taking a backseat if they are still thinking in terms of the pre web era.

You can make huge leaps forwards in your brand exposure and introduce new products whilst others are taking a laid back summer vacation.  If you get all of your artwork, vouchers, flyers, brochures etc pinned down and perfected now, you will be able to launch new marketing campaigns during these summer months, when your targeted audience will possibly have more time available to read them, and be even more on track for the run up to Christmas season that lies just a bit further down the road.  Yes, with marketing, this is just the way you have to think!  Did you know that September is now the busiest month for all UK marketing?  If you are leaving launching your campaigns until the winter months thinking that January will be your best time, you are missing a huge opportunity.

Remember that establishing your brand if you are a new company, or rebranding to greater attract your perfect customer can take a long time and some tweaking en route, so the earlier you start, the sooner you will reap the benefits.

Have you noticed that summer-themed marketing strategies attract more attention?  This is because most people dream of their perfect summer and look for new things to see and do.  Summer shoppers will be attracted by marketing campaigns that run a summer theme, so head for beach or sunny related images, colourful graphics, and happy inspiring moods.

Because you can access the internet wherever you may be, your ideal customers can be drawn in by your brand marketing whether they are sat in a café, with their children at the school gate, anywhere!  Focus on grabbing your market and consistently showing them your original product branding to improve your visibility and establish your customers trust.  The more you can do this, the more your business will be seen as a consistent and stable company which elevates your chance of being chosen within your industry when someone wants to purchase.