Plain and printed tags are an important part of our business. Standard card is 225gsm. Red, yellow, green, blue, buff, grey, orange, pink and white are all available. We supply special materials, such as plastic or Tyvec to meet particular requirements.

We can supply tags pre strung, and with brass eyelets, elastic, wire and cotton.

Heavy Duty Tags

Need some more durable tags. Choose from any of these materials to match your heavier industrial or aesthetic needs.

Tyvek Tags

The most popular material available. Tyvek tags are easy to write on and can be supplied in continuous form or as singles. Ideal for outdoor use they are chemical, water, and tear resistant. We flood coat white tyvek to six standard colours.



Tough tag is a tough plastic which is clay coated on both sides to give the material a smooth finish for variable data thermal transfer tape. Suitable for slots and holes it can be supplied continuous and flood coated in colours.

PCP Tags

Paper covered plastic feels and prints like paper but you can’t tear it. A plastic laminated between paper this is popular where strength is required but water resistance is not. These tags can be supplied in continuous form.
Here’s a glimpse of our choice. All supplied as single tags or continuous on reels. Most tags are fitted with paper washers or brass eyelets to reinforce the holes.


Card Tags

Plain or printed on to pulp, matt or art board these can be supplied square or cut to any shape you may require.

Strung Tags

Tags can be fitted with a variety of materials. These include: String in a number of lengths, white and coloured cotton, calendar cord, 10” wire, elastic and metallic cords.


Special Tags

Carbonless tags, swing tickets, metal tags, header cards and T cards complete the range of tags available.