What to include in your brochure

In our digital age you may think that a brochure is not needed for your business, but think again.  People still love reading in print and a business brochure will attract new customers and introduce them to your organisation, company or products. What to include in your brochure is dependent on what you are trying to achieve with it, but there are some common items that will ensure that you are remembered by your reader.

Showcase your brand

Potential customers will want to identify with your brand and know how you can solve their problem whilst seeing if your business suits them.  All of your marketing should share the same look, including your logo, your company colours and style and business principles and core values.

Boast about your USP

You must know what your unique selling point is in order to promote it as the reason that people should choose you over your competitors.  Do you sell a different product, or a special service or is it you yourself that are the part of the business that is special? Make this obvious in your brochure without belittling your competition.

Make the Cover Eye-catching

Your brochure really needs to be enticing, and your front page should draw your customer in. If you imagine that you are your ideal customer, or ask a trusted one, find out what would most appeal to them, even if it is just the way the product information is laid out.  Picturing the product from their point of view, rather than as someone who knows the product inside out is a good way to discover what benefits it will give to them.

Your story

You may want to include some background information on your business so that your customers can get an idea of where you are coming from and why you do what you do. Don’t tell them everything, and keep it upbeat focusing on your experience and that you are in it for the long haul.  This makes your business more human, because humans like to buy from humans.

Really tap into your target audience

Keep defining and moulding your information to what your target audience is searching for.  By trying to serve everyone you will lose out in the long run. If you have a brochure that appeals to all it will not sufficiently entice every individual purchaser.

Details of what you do and why

You should include a mission statement if your company has one as it gives people a clear idea of your intent and values. Your brochure should have a clear sequence to the information within it, from the basics of what you do and where gradually building in more and more details of your products and services as you progress through the brochure.

Don’t forget Calls To Action

Ensure that whatever step you are trying to get your customer to take is very obvious.  For example, if you want them to ‘Call to discuss the right products for you’ or ‘Get a quote now’.   A good call to action will act as a small subconscious message to entice your customer to do something once they have finished reading your brochure. If you don’t include one, they may just put the brochure down after looking at it.