Why printed materials are still so popular

We live in a very fast paced media driven society and people are literally glued to their mobile devices at all times, with endless data available literally at the touch of a button, and yet, we often question why printed materials are still so popular?

It is a strange fact that we still like to hold something in our hands to read and digest the information it holds, and despite being able to send electronically all of the same data, the vast majority of people still like to print out or pick up catalogues, flyers, postcards and so on if they hold facts that are important to that person.

Printed marketing materials allow maximum exposure to a wide ranging audience who may have otherwise have not known about a product, event or service. For example, a flyer or business card or brochure left in a prominent place will no doubt be seen and picked up by many people. If the branding or message on this printed material is striking, it will stick in the memory of those people for a long time, and be recalled when such a service is needed, in a way that digital media sometimes cannot deliver.

Printed materials allow marketing communications to be highly targeted at specific audiences, so engagement with that audience is at a very personal level, which most people find very effective, but without being as invasive as some social media marketing methods.

All printed materials allow your brand to be seen and amplified. They can directly demonstrate what your business offers, for example a luxury business can be conveyed through using luxurious feeling print materials and finishes, and can even include samples, which cannot be demonstrated through a screen as effectively.

Tracking codes are the online marketing measure of success, but printed forms of marketing material offer a completely different level of direct measurability because businesses can use coupons, vouchers, codes only available on printed flyers and so on and see how successful they have been at reaching their target audience with very simple techniques.

Many online companies rely on the conversions of offline customers to online customers by way of printed materials, especially the catalogue. Catalogues show the customer exactly what they are getting, and give a lot of information in a small space, which online viewing doesn’t allow or capture the reader’s interest in the same way. Printed materials are also a trend in themselves, with many households or businesses keeping specific prints on display as an art form or to be seen as part of a brand’s tribe.

The great thing about printed materials in the digital age is that they are a key way to link someone to your online content. They may need to convey only a simple key message rather than giving all the information in one space. Also important to note, is that there are still many potential customers who do not have access to the same technology as large swathes of the population do and if they happen to be your ideal customer, then printed materials still hold a huge space in your marketing world.